Seville Butchers Catering is run out of The Old Butcher Shop Cafe in Seville, and, in association with the Seville Butcher Shop.

We offer both full service and pick up catering. Specializing in roast meats, vegetables and salads! It is perfect for feeding a large amount of people or simply impressing a few friends and family.

In a full service function we will come out to your event and set up at with all the food, crockery and cutlery. We serve in a buffet style with a butcher freshly carving the meat as all the guests file through. And don’t worry there is always plenty to go around!

If you have friends and family to help you out then the cook and carve pick up option will be for you! We will have everything prepared for you all ready to go. You will only need to pull it out of the boxes and put it onto the plates.

In addition we are looking to expand our services. We have chefs on board who are happy to cater to your needs.